Web Design and Improvements
Below are some of the sites that we have designed recently. Please feel free to take a look at the sites and get an idea of the work we do.
Flamborough Estate is a website built to advertise and sell an estate located in Flamborough, Ontario.
Float n' Flag has been a long standing customer of Burlington Network Services.

We designed the original website and worked closely with the owner to ensure their satisfaction. We maintain/update this site on a regular basis.
Canadian Portable Structures is a large site designed to reflect the recent release of a new catalogue. Implementing both button and image mouse overs on the Home page, CPS has almost 50 different products displayed in 10 product categories throughout the Site. Detailed contact and quote pages maximize the information flow between Internet surfers and CPS management.
Audio Market Sales. The information within the pages of Audio Market Sales' website came almost entirely from the company's printed brochures and marketing materials.

We added features like button mouseovers and a contact form and had the site designed, created and live on the web in a very short period of time.
The Alliance Group. We completely redesigned this site from the ground up. Some text from the original site was maintained, while we made effective use of different types of web programming to come up with a more efficient and attractive site. This site also has a secure, password-protected area built in for employees to access confidential forms via the Internet.
La Magnanerie is a beautiful vacation rental home in Provence, France. The website was designed through a collaboration between the owner of the home and BNS to produce an aesthetically pleasing result. The many images on the site have been carefully optimized and compressed for use on the web, to obtain the best possible combination of quality and reasonable file size.
Autofeed Corporation was Designed and created by BNS, this Site was primarily built on the client's printed brochure and marketing materials. The Site provides product and company information to Autofeed's present and potential customers, using essential elements such as enlarged product image pages.
ETFO Peel's website is a more complex example of user-interactivity. While another designer had built the body of the site, we were originally involved in the project to create a live database that allowed a user to select a pre-written letter on one of several areas of interest, then send it to one or several recipients chosen from a list, as well as appending their own contact information and comments. In late 2002, we were contracted to rebuild the website to give it a fresh, consistent look, as well as adding more interactive features.
Allcut Waterjet Service Inc. A relatively simple 6-page, frames-based website. Allcut's site is an excellent example of a clean, professional look, with efficient code and fast page loads for a very reasonable price.