What is DSL High Speed?
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a dedicated high speed Internet connection. It brings high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses using existing copper telephone lines, without the shared bandwidth problem associated with Cable modem services.
Burlington Network Services DSL brings you:
BNS offers a wide range of high speed Internet solutions. DSL service can be up to 50 times faster than traditional dial-up modems, and you can share a single high-speed connection, quickly download large files, photos and e-mail attachments, enjoy rich audio and video contents like popular music, and play online games.
No Busy Signal
With BNS DSL, there is no dialing and no busy signal, so you can get on the Internet whenever you want, without the need for an additional phone line.
Always On
Our DSL connection is "always on", meaning that you are free to receive or make phone calls, or send or receive faxes, at the same time while you are surfing the net.
Economical & Cost Effective
BNS offers different package to suit the needs of individuals, home businesses, small businesses and large businesses. Our DSL service is affordably priced.
When you add it up, DSL is the clear choice for affordable high-speed remote access to the Internet, telecommuting, video conferencing, gaming, Virtual Private Networks, and other high-speed bandwidth intensive applications.
To take advantage of DSL you need to call us at 1-800 263-8433. We'll find out right away if DSL is available in your area.