Anti-Spam Filters FAQs
Q. What is spam email and how can I avoid it?
A. Please click here for a detailed explanation.
Q. Do I need to make any changes to use the service?
A. No! BNS users do not need to change anything to take advantage of the service.
Q. Will the filter completely eliminate spam email?
A. No. The anti-spam filter will greatly reduce but not 100% eliminate spam. An unsolicited email may be unwanted but still be formatted as a proper email and be delivered.
Q. Will the spam email just be moved to an alternate area, so I still have to delete it?
A. No. The anti-spam filter eliminates the SPAM messages completely; there is no record kept and no notice that an email was stopped from being sent to the user.
Q. What if the filter blocks something legitimate?
A. If you believe a source of legitimate email is being blocked, you can alert BNS support staff by emailing the full information set to
Q. Can I choose NOT to have my email address filtered?
A. Yes. If you do not wish to participate, an alternate unfiltered email address will be set up for you. Please contact to arrange the change and a tech will assist you.
Q. Is this service available to email addresses?
A. Not at this time. Wellington Freespace is currently looking into a similar service.
Q. Can the Anti-Spam filter be applied to my own domain email address?
A. The anti-spam filter will not be applied to clients with domains and web-hosting plans. For more information on corporate SPAM or Anti-virus filtering please click here.