BNS Anti-Virus Protection Agreement
1. The Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for the use of email services by designated representatives of the Customer. The customer warrants that they therefore have authority over email accounts supplied to them by BNS and have deemed any virus of any type to be unacceptable. To this end:
  1. By ordering the BNS Anti-Virus protection the customer authorizes BNS to delete either in whole or part, any inbound email message containing a known virus.
  2. The client understands that BNS will scan for viruses only via an automated process and delete infected mail in part or whole as necessary, acting under the direction and policy of the Customer. BNS does not monitor any other content of email transmission.
2. Unless otherwise specifically provided in this Agreement BNS will not be liable to the customer or any third party for:
  1. Any direct or indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential losses or damages, including loss of profits, loss of earnings, loss of business opportunities and personal injuries (including death), resulting directly or indirectly out of, or otherwise arising in connection with, the use of the BNS Anti-Virus protection by the Customer or any other use of the Services, including, without limitation, any damages resulting from or arising out of the Customer's reliance on or use of the Services, or the mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, errors, defects, delays in operation, transmission, or any failure of performance of the Services; and
  2. The common carrier status of BNS shall be held paramount.
3. The Customer agrees to subscribe to the BNS Anti-Virus protection service for a term of no less than one (1) year. BNS will notify the Customer by mail at such time as renewal of this agreement is necessary.
4. The Customer may terminate this agreement at any time without penalty with thirty (30) written days notice. Termination of this agreement by the Customer without thirty (30) days notice shall result in a termination penalty of 1 month's service, payable to BNS upon receipt of cancellation notification. Any remainder of the annual fee will be refunded to Customer less any applicable penalty.
5. BNS services are due in advance. Overdue accounts are subject to late payment administrative charges. Accounts more than 60 days overdue will be discontinued or suspended. Suspension may be applied to any or all services provided by BNS.
6. The Customer understands that the BNS Anti-Virus protection only protects the Customer systems from virus infection via domain email supplied by BNS.
  1. The BNS Anti-virus protection does not protect against viruses entering Customer's systems via non-BNS hosted domain email, personal accounts of employees or web based mail, and
  2. The BNS Anti-Virus protection does not protect against viruses entering a customer's system via any other form of computer media, software or data, and
  3. The BNS Anti-Virus protection service is run on a best efforts basis. The BNS Anti-Virus protection will be kept as up to date as possible. In the case of new viruses the anti-virus signature will be acquired in as timely a fashion as possible. However, because new viruses are constantly created, virus protection is not 100% guaranteed.
To this end BNS highly recommends installation of a desktop Anti Virus program in addition to the BNS Anti-virus filter.
7. The Customer agrees to Services and fees outlined in Appendix A to this agreement.
8. BNS will provide twenty-four (24) hour monitoring of systems.
9. If any section, provision or part of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, invalid or illegal, than it shall be severed and deemed to be deleted and the remaining sections, provisions or parts shall remain valid and binding.
10. No waiver of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed, or shall constitute, a waiver of any other provision, whether similar or not similar, nor shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver, nor shall any waiver extend to conditions of any other Agreement between BNS and the Customer.
11. Time is of the essence in this agreement.

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Schedule A: Services
12 months BNS anti-virus filter (per domain, plus applicable taxes)

Sub Total: $120.00 (per domain)