Domain Anti-Virus / Anti Spam Filter
  • Server-side Email Filtering Service. Blocks viruses AND spam email.
  • Provides the most up-to-date checks of incoming email messages and scrubs them clean.
  • Infected attachments are deleted, leaving behind the safe portion of the email for the recipient's review.
  • In the event that the body of the email itself contains the virus, the message is deleted completely.
  • In either case, the recipient is notified that the filter has performed some action in response to an infected message.
  • The service is applied to an entire domain - whether you have 5 email addresses or 500, the service will filter ALL incoming emails within that domain for one annual subscription fee.
  • Please note that this is NOT a replacement for your local virus protection. It offers an additional level of security and peace of mind when opening new email.
  • Click here to view the BNS Anti-Virus Protection agreement.
  • Click here to contact your BNS sales team for more information.
Pricing Options
  • $120 + GST Annually.
  • NO Activation Fee.
Yearly Payment Details
Product Number: ANTISVBUS
Sub Total: $120.00
GST: $8.40
Total: $128.40