Freespace Users!

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Bserv customers:

Beware of fraudulent use of your telephone line!

BNS has received some calls from clients regarding unexpected, very high telephone bills, reflecting calls to various foreign countries (including New Zealand and Africa)...

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Bserv customers: Beware of fraudulent virus alert emails! There are currently several variants of a new virus (W32.Beagle.J@mm) being circulated to e-mail users. This can affect bserv.com addresses AND addresses at your own domain. Emails are being sent to customers with a .zip attachment. There are several variations of the email with different subject lines and originating from different sender addresses. These emails were NOT sent by Burlington Network Services.

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NEW !!
.info domains are now available. Click here to read the Form of Registration Agreement or click here to send us an email. Anti-Spam filters: The Anti-Spam filter on all @bserv.com e-mail addresses has now been implemented. This is available to all bserv.com clients at no cost, and will greatly reduce the volume of unwanted and unsolicited mail. Click here for information on the Anti-Spam filter. Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering is also available for business users with their own domain names. Click here for more information.