Migration FAQ's
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General Questions
Q. Will my email address change?
A. No, your email address will stay the same. BNS will make sure your new Logon ID matches your email address so it is easy to remember.
Q. How do I get activated on the BNS system?
A. Call BNS or Freespace to update your contact and payment info, and BNS will activate your logon ID on their system. When you are speaking with them they will set an appointment to call you back and make the final changes to the settings on your computer. They will walk you through it during the phone call.
Q. When do I have to be switched over?
A. The Freespace dial up numbers will stop operating November 30th. You can start dialing the new BNS numbers anytime after your ID is activated on the BNS system.
Q. What are the changes in packages and prices?
A. All of the BNS packages offer more hours of dial-up for nearly the same prices. You can link to the comparison chart by clicking here.
Billing Questions
Q. Who is billing me for the December period?
A. Freespace will do the billing in December in the same manner as always. BNS will begin billing January 1st.
Q. What if I have already subscribe to Freespace on an annual basis?
A. BNS will honor your pre-paid subscription to the anniversary date. About a month before the anniversary date, BNS will mail you a reminder, with all the package and payment options included. Approximately 2 weeks before the renewal is due, BNS will call and email you.
Q. What if I go over the monthly hours allowed on my package?
A. BNS bills overages at $1.00 per hour, just as Freespace did. Understanding that your usage may increase with time, BNS has a policy that if a client upgrades to the next service level, overages will be forgiven.
Q. How do I pay for my Internet service?
A. You can pay monthly auto-debit from a credit card or bank account, or annually by cash, credit card or cheque.

You can complete any of the forms at the Freespace office, have the forms faxed to you from BNS, or print the auto-debit authorization from our site and return it by fax, mail or even drop it off at the Freespace office.

Businesses can be invoiced monthly, quarterly or annually, in addition to auto-debit.
Q. I have a business package, including hosting, how does this affect me?
A. BNS will be providing your dial-up connectivity and Freespace will continue on with your development and hosting. Your package prices remain the same, with BNS billing you. Just like any customer, you will need to update your contact info and have your ID activated on the BNS system before November 30th.