Virus Alert
If you open the attachment within this email, your Windows computer will be compromised; a "trojan horse" will be installed on your computer which will open a "back door" that will make your computer vulnerable to future attacks.
Below is one example of the fraudulent email that was sent to Bserv customers:

From: []
Sent: March 3, 2004 7:32 PM
Subject: E-mail account security warning.
Hello user of e-mail server,

Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information.

Further details can be obtained from attached file.

Attached file protected with the password for security reasons. Password is 18860.


The team
Please note that the From: address is 'spoofed' to appear as though it is coming from an address at your domain. Other addresses can include:
  • management
  • administration
  • staff
  • noreply
  • support
If you receive this email:
DO NOT click on the link or open the attachment. Delete the email from your inbox immediately.
For more detailed information on the W32.Beagle.J@mm worm, click here.
If you have already opened the attachment or have other reason to believe that your computer is infected with this or any other virus or worm:
  1. Follow the removal instructions found here OR
  2. Disconnect your PC from the Internet AND your home or office network and contact your computer vendor or service company.
ALWAYS ensure that your computer is adequately protected against viruses. We recommend that all customers have an antivirus program on their computer, and keep it UP TO DATE.