About Us
The real question is: Is your Internet Service Provider aware of what it takes to provide you with the service that you need and still stay in business? Over the years, new Internet companies crop up, appear and disappear literally "overnight".
We know this because BNS keeps absorbing their customers. (The Cleannet, The Rocket, The International Internet Alliance, Networx, CDX-Net, to name just a few.) BNS and HardSoft have been servicing businesses for over 20 years, and we're not going anywhere.
So why is BNS successful? We will not take shortcuts. We won't offer free trial memberships or unlimited access at unbelievably low rates. We charge an activation fee because there is a cost involved in setting up a new account. And because you have paid us for Professional Internet Service, we make sure that Professional Internet Service is what you get. Not busy signals - no matter what time you call.
Our customers depend on us for their IT solutions. They know that when they dial in, BNS will be there; that their e-mail address will be the same tomorrow as it is today; that when they have a technical problem, professionally trained, attentive technicians are always available.
While we make sure that our customers get the best value for their money, we also make sure that we are profitable; if we weren't, we wouldn't be in business.
So if you are shopping on the basis of price and want the cheapest deal in town, be prepared to look for it again in a month or two when your provider goes out of business. If you want service that you can rely on today, tomorrow and always, talk to BNS.
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